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    "For every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards."


    Amnesty International is a human rights activist organization with bases around the world. As a university chapter of Amnesty International, we seek to encourage and provide avenues for student activism, by involving the student body in human rights campaigns both nationally and internationally, through our programming. We want to serve as a grassroots group that brings attention to international crises and enables students to hear from prominent players in contemporary human rights and engage in global debates.


    We have weekly meetings and human rights related events throughout the academic year. If you would like to participate in or volunteer for any of these opportunities, join our listhost (amnesty@lists.uchicago.edu), like our facebook page (UChicago Amnesty International), or look on this website to receive updates about our upcoming events.


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    Write for Rights

    Take a personal stand against racial injustice, police brutality, gun violence, female oppression, and more by writing letters with UChicago Amnesty International!


     UChicago Amnesty International invited students and members of the broader Chicago community to write letters to politicians regarding 10 human rights cases that must be brought to justice.

    The cases included: 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, a victim of gun violence of Chicago’s South Side; racial torture victims Darrell Cannon and Anthony Holmes, who, along with 100 other people of color, are still awaiting prosecution against former Chicago Police Department Commander Jon Burge and his detectives; Prisoner of Conscience Liu Ping, who was sentenced to six years in prison for publicly criticizing Chinese governmental corruption; and Palestinian activist Murad Shtewi, who was arrested for peacefully demonstrating against Israeli military occupation in the West Bank.

    You can read more information about all ten of the cases here: http:// write.amnestyusa.org/cases/

    The event also included:
    --Dumplings provided by ChinaCare;
    --Baklava provided by Al Sharq: Middle East Meets West 
    --Other food provided by Snail Thai, Rajun Cajun, and The Nile, available in exchange for at least one letter;
    --A raffle to win Amnesty International t-shirts;
    --Amnesty International pins, stickers, and free raffle tickets in exchange for writing all ten letters.



    University of Chicago Journal of Human Rights Info Session

    Information Session

    Harper 140

    Wednesday, May 25th



    The University of Chicago Journal of Human Rights is calling all interested writers, editors, and layout and web designers to learn more about our upcoming fall publication in an information session on Wednesday, May 25, from 6-7 pm in Harper 140! Food and refreshments will be provided.


    The University of Chicago Journal of Human Rights is a new, interdisciplinary publication that publishes critical essays on domestic and international human rights. We believe human rights abuses constitute some of the world’s most pressing and complicated problems, and we aim to address these issues not only through advocacy and public awareness, but also through cross-disciplinary scholarship that analyzes their essence and their causes.

    We are looking for writers, staff-editors, layout editors, and a website designer to work over the summer and fall on our upcoming issue! We aim to solicit submissions from undergraduates across the country, writing from a wide range of disciplines, such as history, public policy, philosophy, race and gender studies, economics, biology, and more. We encourage all majors with interests in human rights to attend.

    Write for Rights

    December 3rd, 5-8pm, University of Chicago's McCormick Lounge​


    Write for Rights

    December 3rd, 5-8pm, University of Chicago's McCormick Lounge

























    "The board of University of Chicago Amnesty International is calling for editors, designers, and writers from all majors to contribute to the second edition of our annual Journal of Human Rights!


    The University of Chicago Journal of Human Rights is a new, interdisciplinary undergraduate publication that publishes critical analyses of domestic and international human rights issues. The journal aims not only to raise awareness of human rights abuses, but to deepen our understanding of their causes through collaborative, cross-disciplinary studies. We seek the insights of historians who can elucidate contemporary conflicts by unearthing their deep roots. We encourage philosophers, anthropologists, and gender studies experts to weigh in on arguments for cultural relativism, among other ethical and conceptual controversies, to propose normative perspectives that help raise human rights from a great moral morass. We implore those with expertise in political science, public policy, economics, health and sociology to share effective and holistic policy solutions for urgent and complicated human rights issues around the world. We believe the perspectives of all disciplines present valuable observations. We only require that submissions be well-written, thoughtful, and successful in deepening our understanding of human rights.


    Submissions should be a maximum of 10,000 words, minimum 1,500. The applications for editors and for print/online layout designers are due Saturday, November 11.


    Applications for editors and for print/online layout designers can be accessed here.


    All questions, submissions, and editor/designer applications should be sent to tamarhonig@uchicago.edu


    Gigi Ortiz


    Gigi Ortiz is a second year from the Chicago suburbs who plans on studying Biology and Human Rights. As President, she helps coordinate Amnesty's largest human rights event, Write for Rights, and advocates for other urgent actions throughout the year. She has been involved with Amnesty International since her junior year of high school and is enthusiastic about being part of UChicago's Amnesty chapter. In her free time she enjoys going for runs, petting her three dogs, and watching movies.

    Emma Preston

    Vice President

    Marie Noelle Steinig

     Campus Outreach Chair

    Marie-Noelle is currently pursuing her Master of Public Policy at the Harris School of Public Policy. She is concentrating on Human Rights and Global Security. Marie-Noelle worked in the private sector and international development before coming to the University of Chicago.

    Elisabeth Huh

    Publication Chair

    Elisabeth is a third year majoring in Fundamentals: Issues and Texts and minoring in Human Rights. Elisabeth is Editor-In-Chief of the Undergraduate Journal of Human Rights, which aims to address complicated global issues in human rights through interdisciplinary scholarship. When Elisabeth isn’t busy with rights-related work, she likes to cook, run, and conjure up fun new thought-experiments for the middle-school philosophy class she teaches.

    Immanuel Adriana Rakshana

    Events Chair

    Adriana is a first year planning to major in Economics and Public Policy. She would like to work in the field of economic policy and international relations in the near-distant future. In her free time, she likes to rewatch classic animated movies and spend time with her friends.

    Anjali Dhillon

    Events Chair


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